Orestes in Mosul - Golden Book III

Orestes in Mosul - Golden Book III

Milo Rau
Broschur, 112 Seiten, durchgehend vierfarbig bebildert
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The "Golden Books" are a joint project by NTGent and the Berlin publisher Verbrecher Verlag. It is a series comprising programme articles on theatre, aesthetics and politics as well as background pieces on productions and projects by NTGent. A series on both the theory and the practice of a "city theatre of the future".
"Orestes in Mosul" is the third volume in this series. It was published in April 2019 for the European premiere of Milo Rau’s theatre production. The volume gathers material and original texts as well as background interviews about the production that has been created with actors from Europe and Iraq and with rehearsals and a pre-premiere in the city of Mosul.
What happens if a theatre group from Belgium goes to Mosul? How can a classic be actualized? And what can we learn from the suffering and the resistence of the population in Mosul under ISIS? This book offers an insight into the production, the research and the characters involved: the making of "Orestes in Mosul".
Milo Rau was born in Bern in 1977 and works as a director, writer and activist. He is the author of more than 50 plays, films, books and actions. Since 2018 he has been the artistic director of NTGent. His most recent works published by Verbrecher Verlag are Das Kongo Tribunal (2017), Lenin (2017), Global Realism (2018) and Lam Gods (2018).

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